Sunday, June 8, 2014

Motivating Myself (Or Why Chipotle Shouldn't Be Across The Street From My Gym)

Lately I've been trying to go to the gym a little more regularly.  I was doing a great job with working out and eating pretty well before our wedding, but after that I kind of got lazy.

I don't know if it's the warmer weather or just the fact that I really don't enjoy packing on the pounds (true story: I have gained like 12 lbs since the wedding, and that's ridiculous), but I've been trying to motivate myself to work out at least 3 to 4 times each week.

Unfortunately, there is a Chipotle across the street from the gym.

If you've ever had Chipotle, you'll know exactly how awful this is.  I mean, you can't just drive by and pretend it doesn't exist.  (Especially if you're someone like me with little to no self control when it comes to delicious food.)

So if you want to know how I motivate myself to work out, here's an idea:

I swear both burritos weren't for me!  I will confess that I ate most of the chips and guac, though.  Sorry, Eric.

It's obviously not the best method, but it works.  And hey ... At least I'm not buying Chipotle (or anything else like it, for that matter) every time I go to the gym.  I just do it sometimes (though probably still more often than I should).

But really, how can I deny myself true happiness?

Yeah, I'm really posting a picture of myself post gym (i.e. without makeup and with gross hair) stuffing my face with a Chipotle burrito.

I should probably get some new motivation to hit the gym.


  1. Their guacamole is my weakness!

  2. Mine too. I always joke that they must put crack in it because it's so addictive.