Monday, September 8, 2014

Go Big Red: 5 Years in Nebraska

Around this time 5 years ago, I made a move that would eventually lead to some huge changes in my life.

Eric and I were in a long distance relationship for a little over 2 years before I moved to Omaha to be with him.  (At some point I'll share the story of how we met on this blog ... It's actually pretty awesome!)  Although I never pictured myself as the kind of girl who would move to be with a guy, it seemed like the best thing to do at the time.  Eric had just gotten a great new job, and I wasn't really happy with my situation ... So I started applying to jobs in Omaha.  When I finally found something, I was more than ready to pick up everything and see where this move would lead.  (After all, I knew we couldn't move forward as long as we lived several hours apart.)

After moving, I had some doubts about whether I'd made the right decision.  I mean, it was scary ... I was completely uprooting my life and taking a huge chance.  Sure, things were amazing when we spent small chunks of time together, but I was terrified ... What if we didn't work as a couple once we were put in a totally new situation?

Obviously, I got over my fears and things actually worked out for us.  (If you're new to this blog, I say "obviously" because Eric and I are now married.)

Sometimes you have to trust yourself.  Yes, everything doesn't always fall into place so perfectly, but sometimes you have to believe that you'll make the right choices for yourself (whether in love or in other areas of your life).

And, because no post should be without pictures, here are a bunch from Saturday.  What better way to spend my 5 year Nebraskan anniversary than at a Husker game with my husband?
I'm still not great with the panoramic photo option on my iPhone (as you can see from the slightly warped football field in the first picture), but you can at least get the idea.
I wish the third picture wasn't so blurry since it was actually my favorite.  Oh well.
Eric after the game.  He clearly takes football very seriously.

Showing off the Husker gear that Eric bought me last week.  Please ignore the ridiculous face I'm making.

And, since anyone who reads this blog probably knows how much Eric and I love food, here are some pictures of what we ate (minus the hot dog and slice of pizza at the game):

I just had to add this hilarious picture of Eric from the restaurant!

In case you're curious, we went to The Fat Toad Pub for drinks after the game (top right picture: my Spicy Pineapple mixed drink and Eric's beer) and Tico's for dinner.  At Tico's we had chips and salsa (bottom left picture), I had a blackberry margarita and potato and chorizo enchiladas with rice (top left picture), and Eric had a beer and chicken and cream cheese enchiladas with refried beans (bottom right picture).

I've really enjoyed my last 5 years living in Omaha, and I hope to create many more great memories here in the future!

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