Sunday, April 27, 2014

Third Time's the Charm?

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I know it looks like I'm a newbie blogger.  This is my first post on this site, after all.

Truth?  This is my third blogging attempt.

I feel like I should probably be embarrassed that I keep starting over, but I’m not.  Not really.
I started my first blog when I was in the early stages of wedding planning.  I had this 
great idea that sharing things as we went along would somehow make the craziness and stress seem a little less daunting.  It didn’t.  I was a busy person before I got engaged.  After getting engaged, my life became much more hectic.  (And we weren’t even a DIY kind of couple!)  So that blog died just as quickly as it began.

Several months later, I decided to try my hand at blogging once again.  I made a schedule for posting so I’d never have any trouble coming up with ideas.  Unfortunately, there were a couple of issues with that.  The first (and probably most obvious) issue was the fact that scheduling specific topics on specific days did not rid me of the dreaded writer’s block.  A strict schedule also kind of made me crazy.  I felt like I had to post something every day.  It’s not even like I needed to keep a ton of followers interested and engaged.  I think I had … 42?  (I should probably be embarrassed about that, but again I’m not.  Not really.)  I kept up with that blog for about 8 months, but then trying to post every day just became too much.  Blogging became a chore for me, and that completely defeated the purpose.  I started blogging because I wanted to share thoughts, ideas, recipes, and opinions.  I also started blogging because I’ve always loved writing.  And, note to self: If a hobby starts to feel like a chore, you’re doing it wrong.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to round three.  This time I’m going to give myself more creative freedom.  I may still have a couple of days that are designated for specific types of posts (like recipes, for example), but for the most part I’d like to just write when I want about whatever I want.

And, hey, maybe someone will actually want to read it.  Maybe I’ll have more than 42 followers.  Stranger things have happened.


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