Friday, November 7, 2014

Everything in its Right Place: A November Organization Challenge

I'm not entirely ready to begin this month's organization challenge since this month is going to be pretty hectic for me.  After some thought, though, I've decided on one main goal to focus on for November.

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Although there are several projects I should probably consider tackling when it comes to better organizing my life, I really just don't have much time to focus on achieving any sort of significant goals this month.  Eric and I are spending a couple of weeks traveling (New York City, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, and Paris) for a late honeymoon (since we didn't take one last year)/our one year wedding anniversary, so organization isn't exactly my top priority right now.  (And if I'm being completely honest here, I probably also won't be checking in on Divulge and Indulge much, if at all, during my trip.  That being said, if you do happen to leave a comment, don't be discouraged ... I'll respond as soon as I get settled back into my normal life.)

Since I don't want to set myself up for failure, I'm going to keep things simple this month.  I'm only going to set one goal, and, since it's something I've been thinking about doing for a while, I should hopefully be able to achieve it.

My November 2014 Organization Goal:

Since I started Divulge and Indulge back in April, I've been trying to figure out the best way to organize this blog.  I've been pretty consistent when it comes to my Tasty Tuesday posts, but my posting has otherwise been pretty scattered.  While I definitely don't want to designate a specific topic for each day of the week (I tried that once before, and it just didn't work for me), I think I need to come up with some sort of posting schedule.  It doesn't have to be super stringent or anything, but I need to start posting more regularly.  (And I'm already working on that by scheduling several posts so I won't have to worry about writing anything on my trip.  After all, I don't plan to be tethered to my laptop the entire time!)

Once I return from my trip, I'm also going to claim my blog on Bloglovin.  I don't imagine that I'm suddenly going to have thousands (or even hundreds) of followers after doing this or anything, but, since I'm an avid user of Bloglovin, I think it just makes sense to claim my blog on that site.  It's just another small step I'm taking in an effort to overcome my fears and concerns when it comes to blogging and putting myself out there.

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many things I should probably be doing to better organize my life (like emptying my closet of all of the clothes I haven't worn in at least 3 years, for example), but, again, this month is just not the best time for me to work on any major organizational projects.  (And trust me, decluttering my closet is a major organizational project!)  For now, though, I think putting some time and effort into organizing this blog is a good goal.

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