Friday, November 28, 2014

Playlist: November 2014

Since Eric and I got engaged in November 2012 and married in November 2013, this month has become all about love and romance for me.  (Yeah, I know ... Mushy.)  Because of this, it just seemed fitting that the playlist for this month should be a collection of some of my favorite love songs.  (Many of these were actually played at our wedding!)

Here's something to note about my choice of love songs: they're not all "traditional" love songs.  (And they're most definitely not the love songs you'd typically hear on the radio ... You know, the ones by people like Taylor Swift and Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.)

One of my favorite things about music is that it can be interpreted in so many ways.  While I enjoy reading up on what the band or artist intended when he/she wrote the song, I also enjoy applying the song to my own life and experiences. That being said, some of these choices may seem a little sad (or, in some cases, maybe even a little morbid) on the surface.  But, regardless of the original intent of the band or artist, these are the songs I find the most romantic.

Click on the link below to listen to this playlist.

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