Monday, December 1, 2014

The Late Honeymoon/One Year Anniversary Recap Part 3: Brussels and Bruges

I can't believe I'm already on the third part of my late honeymoon/one year anniversary trip recap!  While these posts take a while to write (mostly because I'm not that efficient when it comes to editing pictures), I've enjoyed sharing my pictures and experiences on this blog.  Hopefully those of you reading this have enjoyed these posts as well.

Today I'll be covering our time in Belgium.


Our time in Belgium began with a trip to Brussels.  First on the agenda: the Atomium.

Not the most attractive picture of either of us, but it's better than the other ones we took in front of the Atomium!

We then checked out The Grand Place, or the main square in Brussels.  We took tons of pictures of the buildings because they were gorgeous, but I won't post all of them.  (I mean, I doubt anyone really wants to see that many pictures of the same few buildings!)

I know the pictures of Eric and me are really tiny, but I wanted to show off the buildings in the background.
The first two pictures were taken on the drive in to The Grand Place.
Awwww.  (I know some people hate pictures of people kissing, but whatever.  I don't!)

We also checked out the infamous Manneken Pis.  I would have liked a picture of us in front of it, but there were just too many people around it.  Oh well.

We took a few pictures and this one was the best (a.k.a. there weren't a bunch of random people in the shot).

We weren't in Brussels for very long (just the afternoon), but thankfully we were there long enough to grab a delicious (and oh-so-healthy!) lunch of waffines filled with dark Belgian chocolate.

I'm not kidding when I say that the streets smelled like delicious waffles, chocolate, and fries.  It was amazing!

After our afternoon in Brussels, we traveled to Bruges.  We spent a lot of time walking around the city.  Once again, we took a ton of pictures of the beautiful buildings and scenery, but I'm only posting a few of my favorites.

I don't want to sound conceited (and, to be fair, Eric and I both took some of these pictures), but I think this looks like it could be a postcard.
Up the nose shots are always sexy.
Seriously ... This city was beyond gorgeous!
I also had to include a few shots of the area at night (and, of course, another one of us).

Here's a great picture of Eric:

Hopefully you can see the Marilyn Monroe mannequin in the window (otherwise this picture wouldn't really make much sense).

Here's my pathetic attempt at a fashion blogger pose:

If you ever wanted proof that I could never be a fashion blogger, here it is.  I mean, where is my hand?  You'd think I would have pushed my jacket sleeve back for the picture, but no ... I didn't even realize it turned out this way until I was editing.  Major fail.

As with all of the other parts of our trip, I took pictures of our hotel room:

Eric and I were really surprised by how modern our hotel was (considering what the rest of the city looked like).

And, of course, pictures of us in front of the hotel:

My jacket sleeve seemed to cover my hand a lot during this trip.  Oh well.

We also had to get some goofy pictures in this funky chair in the reception area because, well, why not?

Yes, we're actually this silly in real life.

We also had a delicious meal of more traditional Belgian fare:

The meal came with a large bowl of fries to share with your table.  We also had an appetizer of mussels in cream sauce, beer braised beef stew, a hazelnut/chocolate/ice cream dessert, and (of course!) some Belgian beer.  It was a delicious meal!
This is a picture of the dining room we ate in.  It was really nice and intimate.

Oh, and then we had more beer because you can't go to Belgium without drinking tons of beer!

The stores there are crazy ... That's just one wall of beer!  The bottom picture was taken in our hotel room after we drank a few beers.

And finally, the many faces of Eric in Bruges:

Cute, right?

Belgium is such a stunning country (which is why this post is mostly filled with pictures and very little writing).  And any place that loves waffles, chocolate, beer, and fries that much is awesome in my book!

We only spent about a day and a half in Belgium (which is why we're wearing the same clothes in most of these pictures), but we managed to get quite a few great pictures and see a lot of cool shit.

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