Friday, April 15, 2016

My Favorite Angry Songs: Music For Every Pissed Off Occasion

Last week Jana shared this Bad Day Recovery Plan post, and it made me think about how my own recovery plan simply involves turning to music when I'm feeling angry or sad. (Or, if I'm being totally honest, I turn to music regardless of how I'm feeling because I fucking love music. But, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably already know that.)

Anyway, her post inspired me to finally share some of my favorite angry songs. This has been on my list of blog post ideas for a while, and I've just never gotten around to it.

I'm using YouTube videos instead of a more traditional playlist because a couple of these songs weren't available on Spotify. And, just to change things up a bit, I'm breaking this list up into categories.

When you need to vent about a shitty friend:

"Keep It On Wax" by Alexisonfire

"I guess the only thing cheap to you is your friends/Oh, what a fucking shame that you had to mess things up this bad/Times change and people change with them/Some people love to play the victim"

"Pot Kettle Black" by Tilly and the Wall

"I bet you think we didn't know, didn't even see the tides change/But it's a small, small world, girl, getting even smaller every day"

"Butcher's Mouth" by Emery

"But it ends me when I can tell that I've become the person I can't take, that I hate/A person so much like you"

When love sucks:

"Limp" by Fiona Apple

"You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun/And when I think of it, my fingers turn to fists/I never did anything to you, man/But no matter what I try, you'll beat me with your bitter lies/So call me crazy, hold me down, make me cry, get off now, baby/It won't be long 'til you'll be lying limp in your own hands"

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria

"You could have been all I wanted/But you weren't honest, now get in the ground/You choked off the surest of favors/But if you really loved me, you would've endured my world/But if you're just as I presumed/You're a whore in sheep's clothing, fucking up all I do"

"Lust A Prima Vista" by The Spill Canvas

"In one fell swoop it became clear to me that I despise you entirely/But the good news is I'm gonna keep you around/And so your lust is just convenient now"

*Side note: I'll be seeing these guys live this weekend!

When you hate pretty much everyone:

├ćnima" by Tool

"Some say the end is near/Some say we'll see Armageddon soon/I certainly hope we will/I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three ring circus sideshow"

"March Of The Pigs" by Nine Inch Nails

"Shove it up inside/Surprise! Lies/Stains like the blood on your teeth/Bite, chew, suck away the tender parts/I want to break it up/I want to smash it up/I want to fuck it up/I want to watch it come down"

"King Kill 33°" by Marilyn Manson

"The world that hates me has taken its toll, but now I have finally taken control/You wanted so bad to make me this thing/And I want you now to just kill the King/And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry/This is what you deserve"

When you're sick of what's being portrayed in the media (and what's going on in the world in general):

"Testify" by Rage Against the Machine

"The movie run through me/The glamour subdue me/The tabloid untie me/I'm empty, please fill me/Mister Anchor, assure me that Baghdad is burning/Your voice it is so soothing/That cunning mantra of killing/I need you, my witness, to dress this up so bloodless/To numb me and purge me now of thoughts of blaming you"

"Road To Joy" by Bright Eyes

"So when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing/It's best to join the side that's gonna win/And no one's sure how all of this got started/But we're gonna make 'em goddamn certain how it's gonna end"

"Doomsday Clock" by Smashing Pumpkins

"Apocalyptic means are lost amongst our dead/A message to our friends to get out/There's wages on this fear/Oh, so clear/Depends on what you'll pay to hear"

When you really just want to say "fuck you":

"A Punchup At A Wedding (No No No No No No No No.)" by Radiohead

"Hypocrite, opportunist/Don't infect me with your poison/A bully in a china shop/When I turn around, you stay frozen to the spot/The pointless snide remarks of hammerheaded sharks/The pot will call the kettle black"

"Judith" by A Perfect Circle

"You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be/Oh, so many ways for me to show you how your savior has abandoned you"

"Precious Things" by Tori Amos

"He said you're really an ugly girl, but I like the way you play/And I died/But I thanked him/Can you believe that?/Sick, sick/Holding on to his picture, dressing up every day/I want to smash the faces of those beautiful boys, those Christian boys/So you can make me cum, that doesn't make you Jesus"

*Side note: That last line is one of my all-time favorite lyrics. So good (and so true).

When you have no one to blame but yourself:

"Room A Thousand Years Wide" by Soundgarden

"Listen, hear he is inside/One who lives while others lie/I close my eyes and walk a thousand years, a thousand years that aren't mine/It seems he's near me as I walk/One who loved what love denied/He lives these years that I walk blind/All these years cannot be mine"

"Some Red-Handed Sleight Of Hand" by Cursive

"So why do I think I'm any different?/I've been making money off my indifference/We all pass the hat around/This is my body, this is the blood I found on my hands after I wrote this album"

"Needle In The Hay" by Elliott Smith

"I can't beat myself, and I don't want to talk/I'm taking the cure so I can be quiet wherever I want/So leave me alone/You ought to be proud that I'm getting good marks"

It was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be to break these up into categories. Some of these song lyrics are pretty straightforward, but some are definitely a little more subjective.

I also left off several of my favorites, so there may be an "Angry Songs Volume 2" playlist posted one of these days.

Oh, and I was totally rocking out to all of these songs while I was writing this post. (I'm sure you'd expect nothing less.)


  1. this is awesome. sometimes you just need an angry song. i don't know any of these, but i did know jana's song (break stuff) and that is totally my angry jam lol

  2. about 10ish or so years ago, I worked at a job that a friend and I shared cubicle walls. around 2:00 or 3:00, she'd look at me and ask "where's the angry tunes?" she knew i'd have a cd or playlist to crank about that time. At that time, there was some Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, Manson, and Linkin Park. You may have just inspired mine and Jana's next playlist.

  3. I love Precious Things! I don't know most of the rest but Rage is a staple on my angry songs playlist.

    Erin and I are totally stealing this idea, by the way.