Monday, May 16, 2016

April 2016 Goals and Results

I can't believe we're already halfway through the month of May and I'm just posting my goals/results and workouts from April. Clearly I've been slacking.

I tried to keep things a little simpler last month since I didn't do a great job with my February and March goals. I really wish the motivation I had in January would return. I didn't hit all of my personal goals that month, but I still felt like I got a lot of shit done.

And, while we're at it, it would be nice to figure out how I managed my time that month. I don't feel like I was completely sleep deprived (not any more than usual, anyway), and nothing was really different about my schedule ... Yet somehow I managed to find time to work out 5 days each week (including taking at least a couple of classes at the gym), post more frequently on my blog, stay current with other bloggers (reading and commenting, as well as responding to comments on my own blog in a timely manner), read a lot (I think I hit a personal best with 8 books!), and try a bunch of new recipes. Seriously, how did I do that?

But this post is about April ... So I'll move on to that.

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April 2016 Goals and Results

1. Read 5 books.

PASS. I finished 6 books in April! 

2. Finish Book Challenge by Erin 4.0.

PASS. I originally wanted to finish a month early so I could (maybe) finish the bonus round as well. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the challenge until April 10th, but I still somehow managed to knock out 4 books for the bonus round. I felt pretty good about that! 

3. Don't buy Doubleshots more than once each week.

PASS. Technically, anyway. I actually bought two Doubleshots in one week, but I didn't buy any the week before ... So I averaged one per week. (And that means it counts as a pass in my book!) I've tried giving them up completely for at least a month in the past, but sometimes I really need that extra boost. (I don't even want to talk about my Doubleshot consumption last week. I averaged about 2-3 hours of sleep each night that week, so when I say I needed these, I mean it!)

4. Turn off all electronics at least one hour before going to bed.

PASS/FAIL. I was 50/50 with this goal. I spent two weeks shutting things off well before I wanted to go to sleep, ending my night with a book instead of the glow of my computer, phone, or TV. Sadly, I spent the remaining two weeks staying up too late dicking around on my computer and phone or watching Netflix. I really need to be more consistent with this because I felt amazing the weeks that I shut things off and got to sleep earlier. I actually went to bed at a reasonable time like a responsible adult! (Trust me, that almost never happens.)

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good month ... Though, like I said before, I kept things pretty simple. I usually try to make 7-8 personal goals each month, and cutting it down to 4 helped me stay a little more focused. I doubt I'll stick to only making 4-5 goals every month from now on, but I may try this little trick again if I start crapping out on my goals again.

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As always, I'm including the basic information about last month's workouts in this post as well. I get that most people don't care about this stuff, but, as I've said before, this part of the post is more for me. I like having this snapshot of my workouts, and sharing this information publicly makes me a little more motivated to work out several times each week. (Most of the time, anyway.)

April 2016 Workouts

Week 04/01 - 04/08:

04/03: Yoga video (35 minutes)
04/04: Two yoga videos (35 minutes and 30 minutes)
04/06: Yoga video (40 minutes)
04/07: Yoga video (30 minutes)

Total Time: 170 minutes (2 hours, 50 minutes)

Week 04/09 - 04/16:

04/09: Yoga video (30 minutes)
04/10: Pilates video (30 minutes)
04/11: Yoga class (60 minutes)
04/13: Yoga video (30 minutes)
04/16: Light walking outside (40 minutes; 1.6 miles)

Total Time: 190 minutes (3 hours, 10 minutes)

Week 04/17 - 04/24:

04/18: Yoga video (60 minutes)
04/19: Yoga video (30 minutes)
04/20: Yoga video (35 minutes)
04/22: Yoga video (30 minutes)

Total Time: 155 minutes (2 hours, 35 minutes)

Week 04/25 - 04/30:

04/25: Walking/light jogging outside (90 minutes; 3.77 miles)
04/27: Yoga video (40 minutes)
04/28: Yoga video (30 minutes)

Total Time: 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes)

It wasn't a bad month overall, but, once again, I mostly stuck with yoga videos at home. I only managed to make it to one yoga class all month, and didn't go to any other types of classes. 

On the plus side, I added in a few days of cardio (a pilates video and two days of walking and/or light jogging outside). That was something I knew I needed to work on, so I tried to make it more of a priority (though clearly it wasn't my top priority).

I won't lie: my workouts in May so far have been lackluster at best. I've been battling a cold (again), and haven't really felt up to pushing myself as much as I should. Obviously there's still time to pick things up again, but I have a bad feeling that my goals/workouts post for May isn't going to be pretty.


  1. when i switched my sleep schedule from later to earlier, i felt 100% better and more rested. i like to read before bed; i find when i look at my phone before i go to sleep, my sleep is more disturbed (aka night wakings).

  2. looks like a well-accomplished month to me! I like the idea of turning off devices an hour before bedtime. I should try that...

  3. girl. i know, right? seriously. sometimes i wonder how i manage to get more things done in certain months but not others.
    average one per week is totally a pass!
    do you set an alarm at night? that really helps me- i have an alarm each night that goes off and i get up and make sure i am prepared for the day, and then when i am done doing all of that, i don't let myself go back to electronics. because i don't immediately turn off the electronics (like ugh i 'have' to turn off the tv) and i actually get up and do something and THEN go sit down or lay down with a book, it feels less.. calculated? i don't know. good luck in may :)