Friday, July 22, 2016

June 2016 Goals and Results

I've been trying to get caught up with blogging related stuff lately, but I know I'm still pretty far behind. However, the moment I realized I still hadn't posted my June goals and results was the moment I realized just how far behind I actually am. I mean, it's already July 22. I need to get it together. At least I wasn't just putting it off because I totally crapped out on my goals (again), right?

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June 2016 Goals and Results

1. Stick with the Read My Books challenge, reading only books from my own shelves.

PASS. I'm sure a lot of you have already seen my results post for this challenge, but, if not, you can find it here. If you don't want to read that entire post, my TL;DR summary is as follows: I read a total of 6 books for the challenge and most of them were pretty shitty.

2. With the exception of Eric's birthday dinner, go out to eat/get takeout only if we have a gift card or coupon.

PASS. We really didn't eat out much last month. I guess technically we did get Dunkin' Donuts once without a gift card or coupon, but Eric paid for it and it was like $5 or $6 ... So obviously it didn't break the bank. Oh, and we got food at the College World Series game we went to, but I won the tickets in a drawing at work, so I justified the food and drink purchases that way. We also went to Qdoba for lunch one day (but we had a buy one entree get one free coupon), and to dinner with Eric's parents for his birthday (but they paid). Looking back at my first statement makes me laugh because I'm sure eating out/getting takout 5 times in a month is a lot for some people. We just usually eat out a lot more than that. Honestly, I was just tired of making any excuse to go out to eat and spending so much money on meals out. (It definitely adds up!) We both like to cook (and are both pretty good at it!), so it doesn't make sense to go out several times a week. 

3. Do at least 15 minutes of activity/exercise every day of the month. Every single day.

PASS. I still can't believe I actually stuck with this! Some days it was really tough, but most of the time it just sort of felt like the usual routine. I didn't always push myself really hard, but I worked out much longer than 15 minutes most days. I also didn't utilize the gym much (again), but I'm slowly hoping to work that back into my routine. Right now it's just so fucking hot that I prefer not to go back out once I've made it home from work. It's quicker and easier to just roll out my yoga mat in the living room and work out using a video on YouTube.

I made a very short list of goals last month because I really wanted to focus on them and stick with them. Obviously my second goal was kind of 50/50, but I'm still giving myself a pass because we really did much better than we usually do. (By comparison, I've already eaten out 6 times this month. Obviously that's only one more time than last month, but there's still a week left in the month and who knows what will happen between now and then? Plus, last month was Eric's birthday month, so eating out a little more often is to be expected.)

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I realized about halfway through June that I should have written down which videos I did so I could share that here. (And so I can easily find them again when I'm searching YouTube!)

As it is, this list is probably pretty boring. I mean, it's literally just a bunch of dates, times, and types of workouts. I'm posting it anyway, though. If nothing else, it helps me stay accountable since I know I'll be posting this on my blog each month, and it's nice for me to add everything up and actually see how much time I spent doing something good for myself.

June 2016 Workouts

Week 06/01 - 06/08:

06/01: Yoga video (35 minutes)
06/02: Yoga video (35 minutes)
06/03: Yoga video (25 minutes)
06/04: Two yoga videos (25 minutes and 20 minutes)
06/05: Two videos - pilates and yoga (25 minutes and 18 minutes)
06/06: Yoga video (30 minutes)
06/07: Two yoga videos (17 minutes and 30 minutes)
06/08: Yoga video (30 minutes)

Total Time: 290 minutes (4 hours, 50 minutes)

Week 06/09 - 06/16:

06/09: Yoga video (30 minutes)
06/10: Yoga video (28 minutes)
06/11: Yoga - gentle stretching before bed (18 minutes)
06/12: Two videos - arm toning and yoga (8 minutes and 33 minutes)
06/13: Yoga class (60 minutes)
06/14: Yoga video (30 minutes)
06/15: Yoga video (35 minutes)
06/16: Yoga - gentle stretching before bed (19 minutes)

Total Time: 261 minutes (4 hours, 21 minutes)

Week 06/17 - 06/24:

06/17: Yoga video (27 minutes)
06/18: Yoga video (37 minutes)
06/19: Light walking outside (20 minutes; 0.8 miles)
06/20: Yoga video (25 minutes)
06/21: Yoga video (35 minutes)
06/22: Yoga video (30 minutes)
06/23: Yoga video (30 minutes)
06/24: Yoga - gentle stretching before bed (20 minutes)

Total Time: 224 minutes (3 hours, 44 minutes)

Week 06/25 - 06/30:

06/25: Yoga video (35 minutes)
06/26: Yoga video (40 minutes)
06/27: Yoga video (25 minutes)
06/28: Yoga video (17 minutes)
06/29: Yoga video (40 minutes)
06/30: Yoga video (33 minutes)

Total Time: 190 minutes (3 hours, 10 minutes)

It's obvious I was getting kind of tired by the end of the month because each week my total time spent working out decreased. It's okay, though. My goal wasn't to spend 6 hours every week working out. My goal was to simply force myself to put down the book/computer/whatever and do something active for a minimum of 15 minutes every day. I achieved that.

I would like to say that all this activity resulted in weight loss, but I'm sad to report that I actually gained 1.2 lbs last month. Whomp whomp.

To be fair, I didn't eat well 90% of the time. I drank tons of Doubleshots. I ate donuts (at home and at work). I drank beer and lots and lots of wine. I ate fried shit. It's not surprising that the number on the scale didn't go down. And, although I'd love to drop a few pounds, I at least didn't feel horrible about eating all of that stuff because I was (sort of) counteracting it with exercise. I didn't work out hard enough to burn off all those calories, but I was attempting to do something good for my body and health ... So that should count for something, I think.


  1. awesome! you killed it :) you dont have to be at the gym to move/stay active - being outside is much better anyway!

  2. hahaha @ your eating out. we are trying to stick to once a week, because not eating out at all just won't happen. sometimes we do 2 or 3 times a week and it's just such a waste of money, especially because we don't ever go anywhere fancy or different, it's always pizza, chick fil a or qdoba.
    i totally gained weight when i did my workout every day thing as well. high five! haha jk. be proud of the habit you were making, don't worry about the scale.