Thursday, August 4, 2016

Currently I'm ...

I shared some random life update things in my post on Monday, and considered just using that for the link-up today with Kristen and Gretchen ... But then I decided not to. I just felt like writing another post, I guess. (Plus I have a not so great update, so there's that.)

What's New With You

Currently I'm:

Reading: Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist ... Still. I started this book on July 24th, and it feels like I've been reading it forever. It's not bad or anything, but it's pretty long (almost 500 pages). I also haven't had as much time for reading lately (and sometimes haven't even felt like reading), so there's that. I should at least finish it before the next Show Us Your Books! link-up. I hope.

Listening To: A lot of Chris Cornell. I probably spent the entire week before the concert listening to everything Chris Cornell, and that really hasn't changed since the show. I loved that he played songs from every part of his career (as well as some awesome covers of Led Zeppelin, Prince, and even Michael Jackson songs!). I'm posting a couple more songs than usual in this post because I couldn't narrow it down (and because I wanted to represent all of his projects). #sorrynotsorry

Wishing: Things were a little different right now. I think I got a little overly excited about my mom's visit, and now I wish I hadn't posted about it on Monday. It's nothing too serious (she's thankfully not in the hospital or anything!), but she's had a very bad reaction to some new medication ... And she's now rescheduling her visit. It's not a huge deal since obviously I want her to get better (and no one should have to travel when they feel like absolute shit), but it sucks. We were both looking forward to seeing each other, and now we'll have to wait a little longer.

Spending: More than usual, but that's (mostly) okay. I love saving money, but I also love spending it (as long as I'm spending it on fun things!). As I mentioned on Monday, my birthday is this month. I don't want to overspend, but I've decided to adopt an "it's okay to treat myself a little" attitude this month. I'm not going to buy a bunch of really expensive stuff or buy every single thing I see that I want, but I'd like to get at least a few fun things for myself.

Trying: To get a little healthier before Eric and I head in for our annual health screen on the 27th. If we get a decent score (I can't remember the minimum, but I think it might be 85/100), we get a discount on our health insurance through his employer. Last year I got 100/100, which was completely amazing. I doubt I'll do that well this year. I've been exercising pretty regularly, but I've also been eating like shit 90% of the time. I've been slowly trying to cut down my portions, but it's never easy to do that. I'm hungry and I want lots of food, dammit!

 photo gilmore-girls-and-eat-and-eat-gif_zpspkq8szfg.png

Thinking: A lot about "old times." I know I said this on Monday, but I always get really nostalgic around my birthday. In honor of this, here's a picture of me with my best friend, Kevin, during Christmas break our senior year of college (December 2005):

 photo KristenandKevinDecember2005_zpsjnpm4ah8.jpg

This was right before I started dying my hair black. I dyed it darker brown as sort of a "trial run" before going black, so it's still darker than my natural color ... But definitely not as dark as all of my more recent pictures! It was also super short back then (probably the shortest it's ever been).

Craving: Potato salad. I posted these Mustard Roasted Potatoes last week, and I mentioned that the mustard/potato combination kind of reminded me of potato salad. I told a couple of people at work that I was craving potato salad, and they were both nice enough to bring some in for our Friday treats two weeks in a row! I didn't get great pictures, but here was my very full plate a couple of weeks ago:

 photo PotatoSaladPlate_zps9f2ra8jk.jpg

And, yes, I ate every bite.

 That I won a $25 Amazon gift card from Erin and Dani's Read My Books challenge! This was my first time winning anything in a blogger challenge, and it completely made my week when they told me I was one of the winners!

Planning: Our anniversary trip ... Sort of. We keep throwing new ideas out there, checking prices, etc., but nothing has actually been booked. It's crazy. I mean, November is coming up soon, and we still haven't figured out exactly what we want to do or what our trip budget should be. As you may remember from my last "currently" post, I've recently dealt with some pretty expensive car repairs, so that's why we're not sure how much we actually want to spend on a vacation this year. Regardless, I know we both want (and probably need) to get away and do something fun ... So we need to figure that out pretty soon.


  1. You felt like writing another post - yay!
    That's sweet that people listened to you mentioning a craving and that they bring it to you. Little random acts of kindness like that make my heart smile.
    When I heard Chris Cornell sing live Fell on Black Days, it was one of those magical musical moments that made me cry.
    I like throwback pictures with best friends from college. Cute.

  2. My birthday is this month as well! August birthdays are the best :-)

    I hope your mum feels better soon. Sorry she had to postpone her visit :-(

    Mmm, I could eat that plate of potato salad right now. Potatoes are one of my favourite things EVER!

  3. Congrats on winning the gift card! That is great! I've never won anything from raffles, but I keep trying! There's a first time for everything, right? LOL! Sorry to hear about your mom and her having to postpone her trip.

  4. congrats on the GC win! it's always awesome when you win things in blogland. hope your mom gets better fast.

  5. I hope your mum feels better soon and can reschedule her trip! All the best to her!

    I listened to Let The Right One In on audiobook a couple of months ago, and it's definitely a long old book. I didn't enjoy it all that much, enough to finish it, but I found it just a little strange in places. I liked the main story and the whole idea of the book but I wasn't so keen on the other perspectives, I didn't really feel like they added anything to the book. Definitely not my favourite, but it's also not really my chosen genre either so that's to be expected.

    I haven't had potato salad in ages! I've yet to find the perfect vegan mayonnaise to make it!

    ~ K

  6. Huzzah on the $25 Amazon card!

    I hope your mom is better soon and your trip gets rescheduled ASAP. I'd be bummed too!

  7. i am so sorry about your mom! i hope she is okay. i hope your trip is rescheduled soon. can you visit her? not the same? sorry. i'd be crazy bummed if my trip to see my mum was cancelled, so i feel you.
    i don't think i've ever had a proper health exam, i really need to do that. i bet my numbers would be like 50/100 haha. i have been eating like shit lately too and i am so sick of it (but not sick enough to change....) like right now i am eating chips, no lie. we've talked about this i know but seriously portion control is so hard and i just really like food. i have got to get my shit together.
    maybe something close-ish for your anniversary trip? i hope you are able to get away, you deserve it. when is your anniversary exactly again?
    friday treats?! that sounds amazing. i love potato salad buuuuuuuut i kinda hate the kind with mustard i'm sorry.

  8. I hope that your mom is OK! Something similar to that happened to my mom a few years ago and it was really scary and had some side effects later on. She's mostly better now, but things haven't been normal since then. I hope you still get to see here sometime soon. :) I hope that you guys are able to take an anniversary trip. Getting away together is so necessary sometimes. :) nom potato salad. All the kinds, yes please! :) XO - Alexandra

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