Friday, December 4, 2015

New Mexico (The Two Year Anniversary Trip): Part One - Our Bed and Breakfast Experience

I'm finally going to get started with the New Mexico vacation recaps. It only took me almost a month to get around to it ... No big deal.

I love reading vacation recaps on other blogs, but I kind of hate writing my own. While it's fun to relive the fun and interesting things we did (and while I love sharing this stuff on my blog!), it can be kind of a pain to sort through hundreds of photos in order to find a few that will help me tell the story. 

I'm also completely relying on my memory (which is probably not the best thing sometimes!) because I failed to write anything down while we were away. I brought a notebook, writing utensils, and my laptop along and wrote exactly 0 words. Fail.

Anyway, I originally thought I'd be able to cram everything into one post. After thinking about all of the things we did and looking through all of the pictures, though, I decided to break it up. It just felt more manageable that way.

 photo NewMexico2YearAnniversary_zps1vy69wss.jpg
Today's post is going to focus on our experience at our bed and breakfast. We had such an amazing time there that I felt like it deserved its own post. (And please note: this is not a sponsored post. Eric and I just genuinely loved The Chocolate Turtle, so I wanted to spend some time talking about it.)

 photo ChocolateTurtleExterior_zpsgapky061.jpg
The Chocolate Turtle is in Corrales, New Mexico, which is a small town/village just outside Albuquerque. The location is perfect: the area is quiet but still close to a lot of restaurants and shopping. And this is the view from the backyard:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBackyardSunset_zpsir9sop3h.jpg
See? Perfect.

The owners, Keith and Denise, are the exact type of people who should be running a B&B. They're friendly, full of useful (and interesting!) information about the area, and they make delicious breakfasts each and every morning. It honestly felt more like staying with friends or family members than staying in a hotel.

Every day they served freshly baked cookies, and also kept an assortment of free candy, soda, coffee, and tea available to guests throughout the day. On busier days we didn't take advantage of it, but we spent our entire Sunday afternoon at the B&B (Eric watched football while I read) and it was really nice to have drinks and snacks right there (especially since it didn't cost $5.00 or something ridiculous for a can of soda like it would if we utilized a hotel minibar). In addition, they left a couple of chocolate turtle candies in our room each day when they cleaned. That was always a nice thing to come back to!

And the breakfasts ... Oh my God. They were phenomenal. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Morning 1:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastDay1_zps4tm9yhjg.jpg
Cheesy egg bake with green chiles and fresh rosemary from the garden. (Not pictured: biscuits with red chile raspberry jam, fresh fruit, and sausage.)

Morning 2:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastDay2_zpsunud2mtf.jpg
Orange crusted French toast. (Not pictured: fresh fruit.)

Morning 3:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastDay3_zpse42trlbl.jpg
Crustless mushroom and broccoli quiche, sausage, and homemade blueberry scones. (Not pictured: fresh fruit.) I just need to take a minute here to say that I don't even like mushrooms, and I thought this quiche was delicious. And those scones?  So amazing and buttery and perfect. I think I ate at least three of them.

Morning 4:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastDay4_zpsdjuwdgh7.jpg
Huevos rancheros with a homemade red chile sauce, sausage, and fresh fruit. Keith was so accommodating that morning! We didn't get back from our hot air balloon ride until about half an hour after breakfast had been served, but he told us he'd make plates for us if we were willing to wait about 20 minutes. This was worth the wait!

Morning 5:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastDay5_zpsjzdnrjd6.jpg
Hashbrown and egg scramble with fresh salsa, bacon, and chocolate filled buns.

The tables were set beautifully each morning as well, with unique dishes and table accessories. I loved all the extra little touches! The picture below shows my favorite table setup:

 photo ChocolateTurtleBreakfastTable_zpsxtyvvl2v.jpg
Don't worry, I'll be devoting another post to some of our other meals. We had some really awesome food while we were gone!

The food and owners weren't the only amazing things about The Chocolate Turtle, though. The rooms were clean and decently sized, and each room had its own bathroom (an absolute must for us if we're going to stay in a B&B!). 

 photo QuailRoomExterior_zpsuqz71j3g.jpg
We opted for the Quail Room when we made our reservations, mostly because of the adorable little guy you can see in the picture below:

 photo ChocolateTurtleQuailBedroom_zpsoamnysa9.jpg
They actually moved the stuffed quail around the room each day when they cleaned, so it was kind of fun to search for him each day.

The bathroom was stocked with the essentials, including face towels specifically labeled for makeup removal. (I thought that was a nice touch, especially since I wear black eyeliner and black eyebrow pencil and generally like to avoid getting that shit all over nice towels.)

 photo ChocolateTurtleBathroom_zpsxc9roo5w.jpg
The owners also had two pets, a dog named Zorro and a parrot named Rico. I didn't get any pictures of Rico because he wasn't out as often as Zorro, but I got a picture of Zorro on our lazy Sunday afternoon when he was hanging out with us in the common area:

 photo Zorro_zpsowyiwtfd.jpg
He was such a sweetheart!

I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful or comfortable place to stay. (And it was very affordable, which is also a must for us when we're traveling!) We honestly didn't want to leave!

I would highly recommend staying here if you're planning a trip to the Albuquerque area. In fact, Eric and I have already discussed maybe trying to get our families together (even if it's just our parents and us) and renting out the place for another vacation. (There are only 4 rooms, so that wouldn't be too difficult to do, especially if any of our other family members came along.) I don't know when that will happen (or if it will happen), but I think it would be a really nice getaway for everyone.


  1. Staying at a B&B is something I've always wanted to do. Hopefully I can find one that's as fabulous as this one seems like it was. Also, that food! OMG.

  2. The breakfasts look awesome, especially the first day.

    I'm not really a B&B'er but this looks great.

  3. i feel the same - i love to go back and read my recaps and others, but holy moly it's a pain to put them together sometimes. the food looks delish - i love quiches / frittatas. yum!