Monday, November 23, 2015

Mind Dump Monday: So, About Last Week ...

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Have you ever had those days (or weeks or even months) where you just couldn't get motivated to write? You had things you wanted to say, random thoughts floating through your head searching for the perfect place to be released, and found inspiration in numerous places ... And still, every time you found a few quiet moments to sit down and write, you couldn't focus. You couldn't put those ideas into coherent sentences.

So you just didn't write.

That was me last week. 

I wanted to share pictures and thoughts about my recent trip to New Mexico, but I also couldn't get motivated to sift through the hundreds of pictures we took between my phone, Eric's phone, and our camera.

I wanted to share an old recipe that I realized I'd never bothered to post on this blog. I also wanted to update my recipe index, but, again ... No motivation. 

I wanted to actually work on some creative writing again. I've been feeling really inspired lately, and yet I have nothing to show for it. I need to stop procrastinating and just work on shit.

I wanted to find a way to express my thoughts on the things going on in the world, and the often disgusting ways in which people responded. (So disgusting, in fact, that I had to remove myself from Facebook for a while because I just couldn't deal with the hateful and bigoted comments I was seeing much too often. It really opened my eyes to the true character of many people I went to school with.) The overwhelming emotion I felt each time I attempted to put my thoughts into words prevented me from writing anything worth reading.

This week I wanted to start off with a great post, something thoughtful and interesting. And then I realized that until I got rid of the thoughts cluttering my mind, I'd have a hard time writing about the things I want to write about. 

I may make Mind Dump Monday a semi-regular thing. I don't know if I'll do it every week, but there's something to be said about throwing a bunch of the shit running through your mind out there. Sometimes these thoughts may turn into more detailed posts ... Sometimes they won't.

I always enjoy the random thoughts posts by my favorite bloggers. Steph has a great Thursday Thoughts series, Erin has been sharing her Humpday Confessions every Wednesday, and each Friday Jana discusses things going on in her life as well as sharing fun things from the internet in her This Week In ... series (just to name a few). 

So, while this may not be a weekly series, I definitely think some interesting conversations can be generated by these types of posts. Or, if nothing else, it can serve to cleanse my mind and help me focus on what I'd like to say in my next post.


  1. It's nice to have a place to just dump things you'd like to share but that don't deserve their own post or fit in well with anything else.

    I'm a fan of the random thoughts because my mind follows that easily. LOL

  2. As I was reading this, I was thinking "I love random posts because I can be so random too"...then I see ME! I must admit, I get a little giddy over a blogger shout-out. I think using this whenever you want works, because, hey! that's random! I am looking forward to hearing about New Mexico, but I can be patient :)