Thursday, November 5, 2015

Monthly Goals: October Results

Remember when I said that October was going to be the month I lit a fire under my ass when it came to my goals? Well ... That didn't happen.

I came very close to completing pretty much every goal I made last month, but, for whatever reason, I seemed to fall short with most of them. I did manage to complete some of them, but it wasn't an amazing month for me overall.

 photo October2015GoalResults_zpsw7hchuc3.jpg

To recap, my goals for October were:

1.  Get back into a regular workout routine.

2.  Go the entire month without buying any Starbucks Doubleshots at work.

3.  Post at least 3 times every week.

4.  Find and join more link-ups.

5.  Continue attempting to keep up with reading and commenting on other blogs.

6.  Earn at least my first Swagbucks goal every day.

7.  Watch at least 5 more movies for the Fall Film Challenge.

8.  Avoid putting any additional books on hold at the library until I finish at least half of the books I've already checked out.

And the results:

1.  I'd like to give myself a pass here, but I don't know if I really deserve one. While I've been making an effort to work out at least 3 times each week, I didn't really stick to any sort of schedule and found myself skipping my classes at the gym more and more frequently in favor of staying home and working out to a video. Yes, I was still being active, but I feel like I push myself a little more when I'm participating in a class ... So sometimes it just felt a little half-assed. I don't have high hopes for getting back into a regular routine this month either since we'll be enjoying our time in New Mexico (and, for us, "enjoying" includes eating and drinking a lot). December is probably out too since we'll be flying back to stay with my mom for Christmas. January it is!

2.  I thought I was going to make it through the month without a Doubleshot. I made it through 3 weeks straight ... And then on the 22nd, I managed to oversleep a bit, forcing me to leave the house without coffee. Anyone who knows me in real life could tell you that dealing with me in the morning before I've had any coffee is both terrible and slightly dangerous. I'm the grumpiest bitch ever, my brain feels fuzzy and unfocused, and I just generally have difficulty functioning like an actual human being. Needless to say, I was forced to buy a Doubleshot at work to make up for my lack of morning coffee at home. On the upside, that's the only time I caved.

3.  I'm going to give myself a pass on this one. Although I don't think I actually posted consistently each week, I posted a total of 12 times in October. And, since there were 4 full weeks in October, that averages out to 3 times per week. I actually like math when I can use it to make things work in my favor!

4.  Pass! Technically I only got involved in one additional link-up, but I'm happy with that. (And yes, it's another book link-up/challenge. I love books, okay?) I'll probably try to get involved with a few more as time goes on, but right now I'm enjoying connecting with other book lovers.

5.  Pass! I still don't have a set schedule for this, but I managed to keep up with my blog reading/commenting a little better in October. I've also been keeping up with responding to comments on my own blog/answering emails a little better, which is also important! The next couple of months will be kind of crazy with the holidays and our upcoming trips, so I'm sure I won't be able to be quite as quick with my responses and comments ... But I'll definitely make these things a priority when I'm not as busy!

6.  I should have gotten a pass on this, but a glitch caused me to miss out on my goal one day. Swagbucks credited me for the survey I completed, but they couldn't backdate it. Whomp whomp. Despite the unfortunate glitch, I still managed to earn 6,583 SB last month (which is the equivalent of $65.83). Not too bad for just answering a few questions and clicking through a few videos!

7.  I only watched 3 movies for the Fall Film Challenge last month, so I obviously don't get a pass on this one. Eric and I usually make an effort to watch at least one scary movie on Halloween, so I did technically watch 4 movies last month ... But only 3 were for the challenge. (If you're interested, we watched Rosemary's Baby on Halloween. I'd actually never seen it before. It was pretty creepy, but some parts were a little too over-the-top for me. I eventually want to read the book as well.)

8.  I'm going to give myself a pass on this one. I finished about half of the books I had at home, but I did put a few more on hold before the month was over in preparation for the Semi-Charmed Winter 2015 Book Challenge. I also returned a couple of books I didn't read the last time I went to the library. I hate doing that, but I'd prefer to (mostly) focus on the challenge for now ... I can always pick them up again at some point in the future.

Obviously not the greatest month for me in terms of achieving my goals, but I still feel like I did an okay job (especially considering the number of goals I set). I'm not going to go crazy with goal setting for November since I'll be pretty busy between New Mexico, celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary, and Thanksgiving ... But I'll be back tomorrow with a short list of things I'd like to accomplish this month.


  1. I think you did a great job on your goals! One Starbucks down from whatever you were buying is a huge victory! And reading and commenting and posting and linkups is a good goals but blogging is really flexible so don't be too hard on yourself with that. It's a hobby, not a job :)

  2. I think you should get a pass for the first one. Any type of workout is better than sitting around in my book!

  3. wow, thats a lot of swabucks!!
    i think you did pretty well, 'almost' completing most of them is better than not completing any. i definitely work out harder in a class than at home, but i always tell myself something is better than nothing right?