Monday, November 30, 2015

Playlist: November 2015

I'll admit that I felt a little weird creating a holiday themed playlist this month. I mean, we literally just celebrated Thanksgiving (though I know some stores have been decorated for Christmas for at least 3 weeks or longer).

I was originally going to save this playlist to post next month before Christmas, but changed my mind when I realized that it might be nice to have this playlist available throughout the month of December. 

But this isn't just any holiday playlist. It's a playlist featuring some of my favorite bands and artists (so, sorry, no Mariah Carey or anything like that!) performing both classic Christmas songs and other winter/holiday related songs. I know it may not be everyone's thing, but I'm hoping it will put me in the holiday spirit. (And I'll probably need that extra holiday cheer as I attempt to make it through the next few weeks at work before heading off to spend the holiday with my family in West Virginia. It's always rough when you know a vacation is coming up!)

 photo November2015Playlist_zpscvenenzp.jpg
Hopefully others will get something out of this as well, though. You never know ... You might discover a new seasonal favorite!

And, because it wasn't available on Spotify, here's one more:

That Death Cab cover of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" is probably my favorite Christmas song, so I obviously couldn't leave it off the playlist completely!

What are some of your less traditional holiday music favorites?

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  1. Jana and I have a similar playlist coming. I understand the timing dilemma. We debated our post date as well. As I read this, John Lennon's Happy XMas (War is Over) is playing. So, you could say I like that song. I don't remember the Smashing Pumpkins version of Christmastime. I'll have to check that out.