Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Playlist: April 2015

In exactly one month I'll be seeing The Decemberists live for the second time. I stalked their website and Facebook page (which was actually pretty easy since any updates automatically show up on my feed anyway) for months after the new album announcement was made in hopes of discovering they'd make a stop in our area on this tour.

 photo TheDecemberistsTshirt_zpsxh8py7rn.jpg
Here I am showing off the shirt I got the first time I saw them in concert. The line on the back is from the song "Rox in the Box."

After several announcements, I was getting discouraged. While I'm definitely willing to travel to see a concert, I've been trying to conserve my time off (and my money!) for other trips. I already have 2 trips planned and booked to visit friends, and I'm planning on at least 2-4 additional trips before the end of this year. It just didn't seem like a big trip for a concert was in the cards for 2015.

Eventually they released another bunch of tour dates, and I was ecstatic when I realized they'd be in town at the end of May. I promptly told Eric about it, and he bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale.

Since I'm ridiculously excited for this show, I've decided to make this month's playlist all about The Decemberists. And while this is basically just a collection of some of my favorites, the overall theme is "My Dream Setlist" for the show. You know, in case the band just randomly stumbles upon this blog and decides to make one fan very happy. (Hey, a girl can dream!) 

 photo April2015Playlist_zpsbsur6ihv.jpg

Before sharing the playlist, I do want to point out that I wasn't able to include one of my absolute favorite songs because it's no longer available on Spotify. Because of this, I've decided to include it here. I love it too much to just completely leave it off the dream setlist! 

One last thing to note: they played several of these songs the last time I saw them, but they're so good that I'd love to hear them live again. If you're also a fan, which songs would you include on your dream setlist?

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