Saturday, June 6, 2015

Monthly Personal Challenge Link-Up: May Results

I initially planned to have this written and scheduled to post before I left for Philadelphia early Monday morning, but I ran out of time. I'm obviously late to the link-up (though I guess that's not so unusual for me), but I still wanted to participate ... It's the last one of its kind, after all!

I'm really bummed that this is the last one. While it was difficult to come up with (and stick with!) goals at times, these monthly personal challenges pushed me to stay motivated. Writing out my goals and posting them here has really helped ... I mean, who wants to come back to their blog month after month and say, "I didn't accomplish any of my goals"? I definitely didn't accomplish all of my goals all the time, but because they were out there, I at least kept them in mind throughout the month and made some positive changes along the way.

Because of that, I'm going to continue posting monthly goals on this blog. Of course I have my New Year's resolutions for yearly goals, but I think it's nice to select a few major things to work on each month as well. And, really, my monthly goals often align with my yearly goals anyway. The monthly goals just help me chip away at some of those resolutions with more focus.

I'll come back tomorrow to post my goals for June. I would try to come up with something today, but I'm quickly typing this up before I have to start getting ready to attend a friend's wedding. (I'm also not sure if I want to continue this tradition of themed goals, so I need a little more time to think about it.)

Anyway, I'll stop my rambling and post the stuff you came here to see: my May results.

 photo LazySundayReading_zpsjveytm0a.jpg
I know I've posted this picture before, but it goes well with May's theme so I decided to post it again.

May's theme was all about reading. My goals for the month were as follows:

1.  Read and comment on blogs more often.

2.  Read at least 3 books during the month.

3.  Get a library card.

I kept my goals very simple since I knew I had some fun stuff lined up for the month (which obviously meant less time for reading). I'm pleased to say that I did very well and ended the monthly personal challenge link-up on a high note!

1.  I'll give myself a pass on this one. I didn't comment as often as I wanted to, but I'm almost completely caught up on the blogs I follow on Bloglovin. I also stopped following a few blogs, which cut down on the massive amounts of unread posts in my feed. My problem is that if I'm following you, I take the time to read every single post you make. I'm glad that I do that (I mean, it would make me feel great to know that at least one person out there cares enough to read all of my posts!), but things can really pile up if I'm losing interest in a particular blog. I solved that problem, but I really do need to focus on commenting more often.

2.  I finished 6 books during the month of May, so I definitely hit this goal! I did start one of those at the very end of April, but the rest were read from beginning to end in May. This makes me excited because I now have a lot of reviews to share for the Show Us Your Books! link-up! (And I'm getting back on track to hit my 50 book goal this year!)

3.  Eric and I both got library cards (he surprisingly didn't have one anymore either), so that's a definite pass as well. I really think the library card has already helped me get through more books than I normally would. I know I can renew them if necessary, but I think having a specific due date has made me devote more time to reading.

I've really enjoyed this link-up, so thanks to Stephanie, Steph, and Ashley for hosting it! And, as I said earlier, I'll be back tomorrow with some goals for June.


  1. I'm glad you linked up! I love having goals each month to motivate me too. I am going to continue to have the link up each month. It will go live each month on the first Thursday. We can continue to push each other so come link up with me in July!

    1. I'll definitely check that out, Ashley! Thanks!

  2. You did great! My library card is one of my most valuable possessions. Enjoy it in good health!

    I am better with seasonal goals so will be happy to get back to those. If the monthly goals work for you, I say stick with it!

    You were in my town this weekend? Did you enjoy it?

    1. Yes, I was in your town last week! I love Philadelphia! I've been there a few times, but it had been a while. I remembered going with Eric years ago (we'd only been together about 5 months at the time and it was our first trip as an official couple), and by the end of the trip we were both saying, "We should really find jobs here."

      Obviously we didn't, but I would never rule out moving back to the East Coast. I especially wouldn't rule out moving to a great city with so much to offer! Maybe one day ...

      As for the library card, I still can't believe I spent so much time without one! It seems crazy now that I see that they have such a huge selection of the types of books I actually want to read.

  3. I'm glad you've been linking up with us and it's helped you :) It's been fun to have you! Nice job on May, you rocked. I'm guilty of the not commenting as well. I really do read every post of the blogs I love, I just don't always comment. I need to work on that!

    1. The link-up has been a lot of fun ... It's always interesting to see how different people interpret the themes, and it's definitely motivating to have your goals up in a public space!

      I've been working on the commenting thing lately, so hopefully I can make it more of a habit!