Monday, June 29, 2015

Playlist: June 2015

I had a fun but busy weekend. Eric and I drove down to Kansas City to spend time with his older brother, his wife, and their kids. We hadn't seen them since December, so we thought it was probably time to visit.

I was going to post some pictures and write about our weekend today, but I'm honestly just kind of worn down and not in the mood to edit a bunch of images. It's also the end of the month (well, almost), and since I always post a playlist around this time, I wanted to make that the focus of today's post.

Summer always makes me think of concerts and music festivals. In June 2013 I went to Bonnaroo with a couple of my friends (the same girls I visited in Florida and have regular Skype dates with). I know that was 2 years ago (though that's hard to believe!), but I wanted to share a little about my experience at that music festival today since I decided this month's playlist theme should be "Bands at Bonnaroo 2013."

 photo Bonnaroo201301_zpsoi2lrlif.jpg

If you're not familiar with Bonnaroo, it's an annual 4 day music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee. There are several stages, and an eclectic mix of musicians. For example, the year we went they had everyone from Paul McCartney to The National to Purity Ring to Wu-Tang Clan.

 photo Bonnaroo201302_zpsqazrduxi.jpg

If you can believe it, this was our home for several days. After making the 12+ hour drive to Tennessee, we immediately set up our tent (which was actually larger than this picture probably makes it look since 3 girls were able to at least semi-comfortably sleep in there for several nights). Please note the Porta-Potties in the background (a.k.a. our only bathroom during the festival).

The great thing about a festival like Bonnaroo is that there are tons of amazing artists to see. The bad thing about a festival like Bonnaroo is that the schedules are so packed (and conflicting!) that it's impossible to see every band you want to. We took in as many as we could, but we definitely missed some that we really wanted to see.

Although it was miserably hot most days, although we had to use disgusting Porta-Potties, although none of us showered for 5 long days (my hair was, no joke, like a fucking Brillo pad when I took it down from the braided bun it was in the entire time we were gone!), and although everything cost a small fortune, it was a really fun trip.

 photo Bonnaroo201303_zpsnfburtkg.jpg

I'm not an experienced camper (not at all), so it was a completely new challenge for me to live in a tent for several days. I'd also never been to any type of music festival like this before, so it was a really cool thing to do with friends who love music as much as I do. If you're as passionate about music as I am, I highly recommend making a trip to a music festival at least once in your life (whether it be Bonnaroo or something else). It's an experience unlike any other.

My playlist definitely doesn't include every band/artist present at the festival (that would be an insanely long playlist!), but it does include a few of my favorites. Hopefully you'll enjoy this taste of my music festival experience!

 photo June2015Playlist_zpsq8qci1jy.jpg

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