Monday, July 6, 2015

A Random Assortment of Things to Accomplish: My July Goals

I was planning to post my goals for July on Friday since I had the day off work, but I got busy with cleaning and reading. Then Eric got home from work and I decided I'd rather spend the evening cooking dinner with him and watching Netflix together than working on my blog. It happens.

Ashley left a comment last month telling me she'd be continuing the monthly goal link-up in July, so I'll be linking up with her today. I'm a few days late, but, again, it happens.

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Image provided by Unsplash ( and edited by me.

My July 2015 Goals:

1.  Make a real effort to comment on other blogs. Sometimes I go on commenting sprees (last Thursday was a perfect example ... I think I probably left at least 12-15 comments on various posts), but there are too many times when I read something and think, "That's great!  I'll have to comment on this later when I have more time." And then I forget. This was also one of my New Year's Resolutions this year, so I'd really like to get into the habit of commenting regularly. I don't know why this isn't easier for me!

2.  Going along with my first goal, I need to remember to reply to comments via email (unless, of course, the person is a no reply blogger ... Then I'll reply to the actual comment). I'd always just assumed the person would receive my response if I replied to the comment, but I guess this isn't the case. Obviously I'm still kind of a newbie blogger. I may have started Divulge and Indulge over a year ago, but I didn't go out of my way to really join the blogging community (link-ups, commenting, etc.) until more recently. Thanks to Kristen for helping me realize my original assumption was incorrect ... Now people will actually know that I do make an effort to respond to every comment!

3.  Read at least 5 books this month. At least 3 of these should be for the Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge. I'm only counting books read from start to finish during these 31 days to make it a little more challenging. (In all honesty, this shouldn't be as difficult as it sounds. I'll be flying to Ohio later this month, so I'll have plenty of time on flights and during layovers to read.)

4.  Cook healthier meals at least 3 times every week. Eric and I have to complete an annual health screen to be eligible for discounts on our health insurance through his employer. That's coming up soon, so we should probably stop pumping fatty shit into our bodies and start looking for healthy recipes. I know we can't change ourselves overnight (or even within a month), but I think since we already go to the gym regularly, we'll see some results if we cut back on the carbs, cheese, Chipotle/Qdoba burritos, etc. Last year I got a 95 out of 100 on my health screen, so I'd love to do at least that well (if not better!) this year. (I do realize this goal will basically be shot to hell during the time I'm in Ohio. I'm visiting my best friend, and we're both big fans of pasta and alcohol ... So yeah. However, I can eat healthy while I'm still at home that week, so maybe it won't be as bad as I think.)

I kind of wanted to make more goals this month, but I don't want to go too crazy trying to complete everything. They're kind of scattered, I know, but these are the things I most want to accomplish in July. (As you could probably tell from my oh-so-original title for this post.)

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering why I'm not recapping my fabulous Fourth of July weekend, it's because it was incredibly low key. Eric worked Friday through Sunday, and I was in a massive cleaning/organizing frenzy the majority of the weekend ... So we were both exhausted and not really in the mood to go out. (Not to mention the fact that last month was insane and we were busy every single weekend. It was kind of nice to just hang out at home in the evenings.) We did watch some fireworks from our balcony on Saturday (along with some idiots a couple of buildings away who clearly did not read up on firework safety), though.


  1. Commenting on blogs is a great goal! I go on commenting frinzies too!

  2. I would love to find myself in a massive cleaning and organizing frenzy this weekend. This summer is packed to the gills with things to do so I have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

  3. I comment on blogs when I feel like I have something worthwhile to say. There are a lot of blogs I read everyday but I don't always leave a comment because I'm just like that was a great post but I have nothing to add.